Emergent Printing & Design
3D Design | Prototyping | Low Volume Manufacturing

The Story so far...

Emergent Printing & Design is a small scale manufacturing and prototyping service provider located in Scott Depot, WV.  From developing a concept to a functional prototype, we can help every step of the way.


3D Design - We use Fusion 360 for CAD and CAM for most of our machines.

3D Printing - Our 3D Printer is available for rapid prototyping in a wide variety of materials.

CNC Manufacturing - Our Medium Scale CNC router is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, including Aluminium, Wood, and Plastics.

CNC Laser Cutting / Engraving - We are able to mark and cut most organic materials, engrave and cut most plastics, and mark prepared metals.

Metal Work - A Manual Milling Machine and Lathe are available for precision steel fabrication.

Powder Coating - We can Powder Coat small items in-house and have access to a large scale facility for larger items.

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Have questions?  Maybe a design idea, or project you need help with?  Drop us a line and see what we can do to help.